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Brinks Metaalbewerking BV

Brinks Metal BV is one of the leading suppliers in Europe of manifolds and components for: automotive industry, agricultural industry, machine and equipment construction, material handling and renewable energy. We have 50 years of experience and specialize in drilling, milling, deburring ( thermal / high pressure) and cleaning parts in repetitive batch sizes from 500 to 200,000 units annually.


Complex machining operations

Drilling, milling, turning and honing of complex components with precision tolerances.


By means of thermal deburring or high pressure water jet deburring metal burrs both internally and externally are being disposed of in a secure way.


Industrial cleaning and chemical removal of oxidations ( resulting from thermal deburring). Parts are ready for assembly at the end customer.

Innovative partnership:

Brinks looks for appropriate solutions in partnership with the client. The client indicates the functionalities and specifications, we translate this into components that can be produced at the lowest possible total costs.

Our employees are skilled in this collaborative partnership, they understand the applications and are of course fully aware of the machining capabilities and competencies of Brinks.

This means that we pay more than average attention to:

– Listening to customer needs / requirements

– Counseling clients in the design of serial products

– Innovation in production methods and organization

– Education / training of staff

– Quality assurance in accordance with the applicable certification


We work for:

Automotive industry
Agricultural industry
Machine and equipment construction
Material handling
Renewable energy

Contribution to the circular economy

Brinks recognizes and promotes the importance of sustainability and circular entrepreneurship. During production no harmful emissions are being produced, but a lot of heat is released, which makes it necessary to have an active cooling of the machines. Elsewhere in our factory special pickling and cleaning baths have to be heated. Through an inventive way to combine different energy flows with each other and adding heat where necessary through heat pumps we bring the energy management of our processes in balance with each other.

We maximize value by controlled flows of materials, swarf and residues that are being used again as raw material by our suppliers. Waste water is being processed in-house and cleaned. The production halls are heated with hot air generated by our compressors, by which we ultimately save a lot of gas ( fossil fuels).

It is important for us to manufacture products directly in the right quality as this ultimately determines how much energy and resources are needed in relation to product value and performance.

Our interpretation and contribution to the circular economy not only increases the economic value of our effort in the chain, but also our personal ecological and social value.